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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a desperate search for a missing jet skier on boats and in the air. i'm isabella rosales and i'll tell you what searchers are waiting for after finding the man's son alone on >> there's no telling what students will be wearing to school this morning at a new port richey high school. they're protesting the dress code, but students say what they're required to wear isn't the real problem here. good morning, it is november 1st. thank you for starting your month and your morning with us. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. >> fantastic start to november. we have cool temperatures out there in the morning and then we'll warm up through the
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as bad as yesterday, about 2 1/2 miles at zephyrhills. enough for you to slow down and not anything warranting a dense fog advisory. so far i think a little wind is helping us as well. mid-80s this afternoon, above average for this time of the year. once again, humidity is moderate. not uncontrollable. we do have big changes with that front coming in. for the weekend we'll talk more about that in a few moments. good morning everybody. we're checking out your drive on the interstate in the bay area. this is what it looks like behind me. i-275 right at ashley. you can see not too many cars on the road at this time of the morning and no crashes or breakdowns. checking the average speed looking for the slowest spot. we don't really have one because everyone is in the green. 65 the average speed, 70 on i- 75 from the apex looking great, over in pinellas county. 69 from bridge to bridge.
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river after a father disappears while jet skiing with his son. isabel rosales is live, any updates on this search at all? >> reporter: right now you're not going to find any hillsborough county deputies out here, and that is because they are waiting for some sunlight to get in before they head out searching through the river. now families members are anxiously waiting for any signs of 38-year-old william yesterday morris took his 3- year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river, but they didn't make it home. that is when morris' wife face timed his phone. her son answered. at that point someone saw the child by himself on a small island just west of i-75 and stayed with him until deputies arrived. now, it is still too dark out here to see exactly what i'm talking about, but in this direction over here, it is that small island where they found
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jet ski, his wallet, and his life jacket but no other sign of that man. live in hillsborough county, i'm isabel rosales, abc action news. it is 5:32. we've got a scam alert this morning after a bay area family got a frightening phone call over the weekend. yassar abdel rehim says somebody called him claiming his son was just in an accident and that he'd >> i didn't want to put up any money until i hear my son's voice. how about that. >> the caller demanded a thousand dollars for his son's return. however, rehim was able to stall and call 9-1-1. >> i was like, no, i'm sorry you're going to do it our way. i said no, i'm not going to do that. i said what if you killed my son already. >> it turned out the entire thing was a scam. his son taylor was just fine. the pasco county sheriff's office says the scheme has been showing up more frequently with
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information from the internet or social media to make it seem legit. we're learning much more about the pulse nightclub shooters mind-set after a judge ordered the release of 9-1-1 calls he made during the shooting. >> you have to tell the u.s. government to stop bombing or killing too many children. they're killing too many women. >> i understand that. here's why i'm here right now. i'm with the orlando police. can you tell me what you know about what's going on tonight. assault rifle inside the gay dance club is heard pledging his allegiance to isis. the recordings show omar mateen offered no words of remorse. instead he's heard ranting about bombs he promised to detonate which were never found. we're waiting right now to see what students at ridgewood high school in new port rich chief show up to class wearing. they're protesting the school's dress code.
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equally. they say students with socks too long are forced to leave class and change while nothing happened to a group of boys who showed up wearing dresses. we'll keep you posted and let you know what happens. lakeland police are looking for an man who robbed a subway sandwich shop. the man came into the store armed with a gun and demanded money. the employee complied and the robber ran off. no o in democracy 2016, there are fears a transit strike in philadelphia could affect the outcome of the presidential election. a union representing 4700 workers went on strike at midnight shutting down buses, trolleys and subways. they provide about 90,000 rides a day. if the strike isn't over by election day voters could have a tough time getting to the polls. nobody likes being woken up in the middle of the night,
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some early morning robocalls. people all over florida got the same call early sunday morning. in a statement, at spokeswoman for the group tells us that call should have gone out during the p.m. and not the a.m. those who received the calls are calling them counterproductive. >> a lot of time the call's going to make me vote against them. >> there are ways to prevent robocalls. no more robo is free for land lines. as ranked number one for stopping cell phone scams. true caller also works. the number goes through their database to identify who are calling. some are identified as junk and automatically flagged. elections officials in 46 states are asking the department of homeland security to help protect their election systems against cyber threats. almost every state is calling on homeland security to defend their voter registration system from being hacked.
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federal interference could disenfranchise voters. cnn just severed ties with donna roselle after a leaked e- mail shows she shared questions of the cnn -- with the clinton camp. cnn is also denying she had access to the debate questions. clinton's campaign is blasting fbi director james comey for what they call a double standard. comey announced a new investigation into the democrat's e-mail server. clinton's campaign manager says comey should also be investigating donald trump's campaign. it's been accused of having ties to russia. u.s. officials have previously accused russia of trying to influence this election in trump's favor by leaking those hacked clinton e-mails to wikileaks. according to a cnbc report, comey privately argued against
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the hacks with the election being so close. >> it's impossible to view this as anything less than a blatant double standard. that director comey would show more discretion in a matter concerning a foreign state actor than one involving the democratic nominee for president is nothing short of jaw dropping. >> donald trump lambasted fbi director james comey in for not recommending criminal charges against clinton. he's now hailing comey as a hero. >> one of the reasons i say it's rigged is because hillary clinton, nothing to do with what was found recently, hillary clinton should never ever based on everything that took place be allowed to run for the presidency of the united states. >> the fbi will likely not be
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house is now available in comic book form, storm entertainment just published the first volume of donald trump the road to the white house. the book is told from the point of view of an undecided voter in a red state. the second volume comes out tomorrow. by the way, donald trump was the go-to costume for adults last night for halloween. clinton may have won the baby costume contest. one great part of this costume is that many of the parents tyke's pantsuit. if you're among the 1.7 floridians who get health care coverage through the ebbs change open enrollment for 2017 begins today. three big changes, aetna is not offering plans in florida. the average premium in florida is increasing by 19% percent, but you won't necessarily have to pay a lot more thank to tax
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31st. this morning we're hearing from a surfer who survived a shark attack in may port. a 42-year-old man was bitten in the leg saturday afternoon. he is recovering. kyle shop was the second victim. he says he decided to catch one last wave when a bull shark caught him. >> looked to my left when i started to paddle and then when i looked to my right, there was a shark coming out of the water were my hand in his mouth. he came up with his mouth open, and he was shaking like this, and that's whei pretty much in his mouth and he was going like that, and then just shook it pretty much out of his mouth. >> wow. kyle paddled to shore, drove himself to the hospital. doctors put 17 stitches in his hand. he says the recovery is actually more painful than the original attack. he pregnancy to surf -- he plans to surf again when he heals up. once again this morning, some passing fog to contend with out there. looking at i-475 right now. that is where it seems to be
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seeing significantly reduced visibilities. zephyrhills not doing as bad. still some parts of eastern pasco will be getting in on that as well. we'll talk about the fog, the warm temperatures and the cold front on the way for the weekend. still to come this morning, an alabama pipeline explosion was worse that than first thought. >> and your name could determine the kind of service you get from ride sharing companies. we'll get you treated better and how some passengers are
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16 minutes until 6 right now. happening this morning, the new cross bay ferry is set to make its maiden voyage. >> the project developed to give people a way across tampa bay that doesn't involve the big bridges and getting stuck in traffic. james tully is live, when can people start trying out this service? >> reporter: dan, they'll be able to try it out this friday, saturday, and sunday. anyone can ride it, and is behind me, the cross bay ferry. we get our first look at it this morning. you can board it here or downtown tampa at the convention center. friday, saturday sunday for the general public. there will be two different departure and arrival times at each location. that runs until thanksgiving weekend. today's first trip is reserved
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right now. they cost 20 bucks per person. children under the age of 3 ride free of charge. these high speed ferries take about 15 minutes between the docks of the benoit and the convention center. st. pete's mayor hopes commuters will take advantage of this. it could alleviate some of that congestion and commuters will be able to do that when it starts running during the week starting in december. now, this is a pilot program that runs through the month of april. seeing how the community receives it is going to going a long way towards determine going it becomes a permanent fixture here on the bay. live this morning in st. pete, james tully abc action news. and good morning, front and center here. we are dealing with a little fog out there. brandon reporting down to a mile at this point here, 3-mile visibility at zephyrhills. some patchy fog to contend with on a lot of our interstates this morning. nothing widespread or too dense like yesterday.
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upper 60s along the coast. that's that mid-70s water temperature, doppler radar i haven't seen much. we'll have a few clouds this afternoon with an east wind that will begin to develop. look at this huge area of nice weather across the south and east and the temperatures have been soaringas well, well above average. the west has been getting some beneficial rain. at this point here, we have to have that it l. we're 50s now. you're able to see that some areas across the midwest are warming than we are, 65. there's your front right there, and it will continue to do so the next few days. a couple of isolated shower at best along i-95 perhaps surviving a trip over interior counties. rain chances below 10, and then that cool air setting up and getting ready to move in for the weekend, not just with cooler temperatures but with
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forward to right now. mid and upper 80s. until that happens we are going to be well above average, st. louis 65. we're really getting in there as far as the temperatures with mid and upper 80s. our average highs, usually upper 70s to around 80. not a dramatic change as far as where we should be, but just compared to where we've been it will feel nice. upper 70s, gusty winds on saturday, and we'll have the widespread into the 50s right at the airport in tampa. we'll start the milder trend earlier in next week. we're dealing with patchy areas of fog, one of the areas he talked about was brandon. this is what brandon looks like. hard to really see on this camera if we're seeing any fog. if you do run into any fog make sure you put on those low beams. a couple of crashes to tell you about, both of them in pasco, state road 54 at grand
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19 at fox hollow drive. neither of these causing any big issues this morning. back to you. we just learned that one person died in a gas pipeline explosion in alabama. the blast happened yesterday afternoon outside birmingham. several people were hurt. the explosion and fire burned 32 acres. it happened when a construction worker ruptured the pipeline. governor robert bently said the explosion happened on the same colonial pipeline that leaked more tha colonial pipeline has shut down its gas lines, again driving up gate prices across the southeast. a new study is suggesting uber and lyft drivers are quietly discriminating against riders based on race and gender. in boston uber drivers were more than twice as likely to cancel rides of passengers who had african-american sounding names than white sounding names. overall black riders waited 30%
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ride. that study looked at 1500 rides taken in seattle and boston. an 86-year-old canadian woman is being warned she may have to pay a $5000 fine for illegally downloading a shooting game she's never heard of. christine mcmillan is one of thousands of canadians who will receive notices to pay even if they're not guilty, part of a big crackdown on copyright infringement in canada. authorities believe her computer might have be canadians say companies are using the change as a cash grab. the world famous harlem globetrotters are returning to tampa's am lee arena early next year. they're debuting basketball's 40 point line located 30 feet from the basket. tickets for their february 22nd game go on sale at 10 this morning. daniel, it is official. >> it is? >> the lion king cam is a go at
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>> the denver nuggets rolled it out last year. now the phoenix sons have jumped on board. parents hold their babies up like rafiki held up symba. kiss cam gets little awkward sometimes. >> sitting by a stranger. >> yeah. >> all right, it's 5:51. 9 until 6, ahead, trouble in the food court. >> wait until you hear the problems at one restaurant in the westfield brandon mall. it just might turn your stomach. >> and one pilot will always remember the announcement he made on his most recent flight,
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we're going to have above average temperatures once again for today. highs in the mid to upper 80s. not seei a then the cold front moves in for the weekend. i'll have all the latest on that and the numbers coming up in the next hour. also want to take a look back at october and see how we did as far as rainfall. 6 minutes until 6. they don't make money like they used to in great britain. this is the new british pound coin, it doesn't fit in most existing vending machines, lockers and shopping cart
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the vending machines will have to be updated. the new pound goes into circulation in march. if you're getting ready to eat breakfast, i apologize for this. one eatery in the westfield brandon mall had to stop serving because of roaches, ants, flies and sewage backing up through the drains. it is wendy ryan's latest report. villa pizza also called fresh italian kitchen had to temporarily shut down because of more roaches crawling around in the kitchen. inspectors also saw ants crawling around soda boxes and flies too numerous to count near the dish washing area. the state documented sewage and waste waste back up through four drains. abc action news spoke to villa pizza's manager. he would not comment on camera but referred us to the corporate office. she never returned phone calls
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go to our website yeah, 5 minutes until 6 right now. a pilot is now engaged after popping the question to his girlfriend at 33,000 feet high. >> she was on board that plane when captain alice was flying from australia to los angeles, that's when he made an announcement for everyone to hear. >> and i want to make sure she comes back to me in australia, so now complete attention, anna, [ speaking in foreign language ] will you marry me. >> anna who lives in south america by the way said yes. >> how could you not. how romantic. manatees are going to be looking for a place to stay warm.
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dozens of manatees gather every winter. the manatee viewing station opens to the public today. that center is adding a stingray tank to provide a winter home for the rays that live at tropicana field. coming up at 6 we're staying on top of breaking news, a desperate search after a daddies appears, his son found alone on an island. the one thing that may help investigators find answers this morning. >> both hillary clinton and former president bill c clinton is addressing the
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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. >> a family desperately waiting for deputies to find this father gone missing after jet skiing. >> it's been 12 hours since his
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want to get right to the latest on that search right now. abc action news reporter isabel rosales is live by the alafia river where deputies are getting ready to resume their search. such a sad scene out there. >> reporter: that's right. there's no hillsborough county deputies out here quite yet. we should shortly see them out here on the waters and the reason being it's just too dark out here for them to search. they're waiting on william morris are anxiously waiting on some answers. yesterday morris took his 3- year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river, but they didn't make it home. that is when morris' wife face timed his phone, but her son answered. luckily someone spotted the child by himself on a small island just west of i-75 and stayed with him until deputies arrived. now on that island's bank they also found morris' jet ski, his life jacket and his wallet, but


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